Sleep Time Calculator

Optimize your sleeping schedule with this simple sleep cycle calculator

When do you want to wake up?

It takes the average person 15 minutes to fall asleep, try sleeping 10-20 minutes before one of the recommended times provided by the sleep cycle calculator.

Its recommended to sleep through 4 - 6 cycles each night, these key sleep cycles are listed in the table above

How to sleep better? Here's a few tips for a better nights sleep

We naturlly feel tired twice a day: 2am and 2 pm. If you're having a particularly bad night, try sleeping at your sleep cycle closest to 2am.

Exercising regularly makes it easier to fall asleep as well as having more sound sleep. Exercising right before bedtime often have the opposite affect.

The body never fully adjusts to shift work, those who work in off-hour shifts (early morning, night, or late afternoon jobs) report higher rate of insomia.

Avoid napping in the afternoon, this makes sleeping at nightly significantly more difficult and can disrupt your natural sleep cycle.